We love giving things away and that is why Logjam Presents are going to give YOU the chance to see RECKLESS KELLY at The Elm.

The concert is on May 20th (Friday) and we have a bunch of tickets to give to you and whoever you choose to bring with you!

Reckless Kelly is an American Rock band out of Texas that will get you on your feet and ready to have the best night ever.

A cross between rock and country, Reckless Kelly hits the spot for anyone who enjoys live music and just pure fun.

How can you win tickets?

Step One: Open your XL Country App OR if you don't have it yet, you can click

and get it downloaded for free.

Step Two: Click the "App Chat" button

Step Three: Send us a message that says "Reckless Kelly"

That's it! It is so simple right?? We don't like to make things difficult, that's just rude.

WHO: Reckless Kelly

WHAT: Win Concert Tickets

WHEN: May 20th, 2022

WHERE: The Elm

If you haven't been to a concert at The Elm, you are totally missing out! One of Bozeman's newest concert venues, it is classy, fun, and the PERFECT spot to see some of our favorite artists.

Want tickets to Reckless Kelly? Win them now with a simple message on the App. We will reach out to the winner Friday morning at 7 AM, so watch for that App Notification to go off!

See you on Friday, May 20th, at The Elm, Bozeman's Newest Concert Venue. Tickets available for purchase at Logjampresents.com

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