As I am scrolling through local gyms throughout Bozeman, I learn there are SO many great ones! I was looking for one that was close to home and that my son, who is 13, could also come to with me. I wanted to make sure that there were going to be different classes offered, summer programs, a nice gym area, and of course (his request) a basketball court.

I notice that the Gallatin Valley YMCA was within a reasonable distance, it has classes for everyone of all ages. Even a cute class called Silver Sneakers. Check out information about it here!

Gallatin Valley YMCA Facebook Page

The YMCA also has a very cool program called Re-Charged Cancer Wellness Program. This is specifically for individuals battling cancer or who have become fatigued or de-conditioned from their battle with cancer. IF you are already a member of the Gallatin Valley YMCA this class is free! To enroll click here!

Gallatin Valley YMCA Facebook Page

With different after-school programs, free child care for members, and an abundant amount of classes offered, I felt confident that this was going to be the perfect gym for our family! There are different membership prices with discounts available for military, seniors, and financial assistance programs. Everyone should have the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle, and the Gallatin Valley YMCA is on top of its game!

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