Tomorrow is the 11th Annual Snowball Downtown Festival at the Rialto in downtown Bozeman for the Gallatin County YMCA, and while the event is sold out, you can still help the YMCA by purchasing a raffle ticket.

In fact, you can purchase as many raffle tickets as you would like

The raffle tickets are 20 dollars each, or you can buy six tickets for 100 dollars and as mentioned, there is no limit. The proceeds from the sale of the raffle tickets will go to help the Gallatin Valley YMCA, which in return helps the entire community.

Recently, we had a chance to chat with Kurt Turner, who is the CEO of the Gallatin Country YMCA on the XL Country Morning Show and we asked him what folks should know about the organization and what they do for the community. Mr. Turner said that the biggest thing the YMCA does is give everyone a chance to better their lives.  "I want people to know that the YMCA is for everyone". Turner said.

Happy kids hugging toggether

Not only does the Gallatin Valley offer programs for youth, they over programs for all ages and people from all backgrounds. It really is a place where everyone can go and feel like they belong.


That's what each raffle ticket sold provides.  A place for people to belong.

Of course, there are some very impressive prizes up for grabs as well. There is the Backyard Paradise Package, the Ultimate Recreation Package, the Dine-In Dine-Out Package, the Concert Lover Package, the Family Fun Package, and finally the Give BIG Package. (click on each package link to see what the package includes)

You can purchase the raffle tickets at the Gallatin Valley YMCA website or, you can purchase them in person at the following locations:

  • Albertsons (Bozeman and Belgrade)
  • Kenyon Noble (All Locations)
  • MAP Brewing
  • Owenhouse Ace Hardware (Downtown Bozeman)
  • Rosauers
  • Safeway
  • Steep Mountain Tea House
  • Town and Country Foods (Bozeman and Belgrade)

Once again raffle tickets are 20 dollars each, or you can buy six tickets for 100 dollars.  Remember, there isn't a limit on how many tickets you can purchase. Good luck!

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