In true Championship Game fashion, the politicians are now involved and making bets with each other over the National Championship Game between North Dakota State and Montana State.

In what has become somewhat of a tradition with those holding elected office, whenever two teams meet for a Championship, it often involves a "friendly wager" between politicians from the states or cities involved.

Saturday's game is no different.

Senator John Hoeven of North Dakota and Senator Steve Daines of Montana decided to put it all on the line before the big game between the Bison and the Bobcats and released the following video talking about the game and what they've decided to bet.

So if North Dakota State wins, Senator Hoeven gets to dine on world-class beef from Montana and Senator Daines has to wear one of those ugly green and yellow jerseys. However, if Montana State wins, Senator Daines will dine on beef from North Dakota and Senator Hoeven will get an upgrade to his wardrobe with a beautiful blue and gold Montana State jersey.

Image of beef cattle on pasture
Joe Riederer

All kidding aside, this is terrific for both states and both programs.

Having lived in both North Dakota and Montana, I can tell you firsthand that the people of both states are fantastic folks. For Bison fans, this has become a January tradition. Frisco Texas is almost home away from home for North Dakota State. The Bobcats have waited 37 years for this moment. In fact, the last time Montana State was in the game, Senator Daines graduated from MSU.

As mentioned by the Senators, both teams have had amazing seasons and both teams have top-of-the-line student-athletes. Both defenses are very strong and both teams are familiar with each other. So, who's going to win? Well, we don't have much longer to wait and see. I'm certainly hoping for a great game with a Bobcat win, how about you?

You can listen to the Championship game on 100.7 XL Country, the official station of Montana State University Football.

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