Have you ever tried to squeeze blood out of a rock? You can’t do it, because there isn’t any blood there! The only place you can get human blood is from a person, maybe you.
According to United Blood Services, hospitals have been getting blood from out of state because there is a shortage in the Gallatin Valley.
Bozeman’s hospital attempts to keep a three-day supply of blood at all times, but it has been relying on a one-day supply since January.


Many of United Blood Services donors are over 40, which begins to shrink the donor list. Alyson Rickman with United Blood Services told The Bozeman Daily Chronicle “The younger generation is not stepping up to fill in for the decline.”

Randall said Bozeman’s blood shortage is part of a statewide and nationwide decline in blood donations. Currently, 16 states are experiencing a blood shortage.

Have you ever thought of giving blood? It really doesn’t hurt, It’s safe to do and You could save a life.

United holds blood drives on a regular basis, a complete schedule, visit www.unitedbloodservices.org