Chances are, unless you were homeschooled, you remember your High School Mascot.

I was a Tiger, which didn't make a whole lot of sense when you take into consideration that not only are Tigers not native to the United States, but the vast majority of them here in the country are found in zoos. Needless to say, I still have my black and gold Letterman's jacket as a proud member of the Class of 1992.

Here in Montana, we have our fair share of "original" High School Mascots, so much so that Sports Illustrated decided to take a look at the different mascots around the state and come up with a list of the 10 coolest.

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Let's be honest, it isn't too often that a big publication talks about sports in Montana, especially at the high school level, but one of the things that stands out on the list is just how many of these mascots embrace the history of the state.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

So which schools made the list? According to the publication, here's the Top 10:

  • Anaconda Copperheads. As pointed out in the article there are no anacondas or copperheads in Montana, but it still sounds pretty tough.
  • Belfray Bats. It has been confirmed that there are actual bats in Belfray, so the mascot makes sense on multiple levels.
  • Chinook Beeters. Sugarbeets are big business in Montana, and the town of Chinook is a big producer.
  • East Helena Vigilantes. If you know your Montana history, then you know the term "vigilante" is a big part of it.
  • Hot Springs Savage Heat. They just used to be called the "Savages" but that was changed back in 2007.
  • Lone Peak Big Horns. Lone Peak has the unique distinction of being the only high school in the U.S. with the Big Horn mascot.
  • Nashua Porcupines. Porcupines can be found throughout Montana and let's be honest, it's a pretty cool mascot.
  • North Toole County Refiners. The town of Sunburst is home to the North Toole County High School, as well as to an actual oil refinery, so this makes sense.
  • Powell County Wardens: Deer Lodge is located in Powell County as is the Montana State Prison, so if you put two and two together.
  • Sweet Grass County Sheepherders. Much like the Big Horns of Lone Peak, Sweet Grass County is the home of the only "Sheepherders" mascot in the country.
Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Did your mascot make the list? What was your high school mascot? Let us know by sending us a message on our radio station app.

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