I was blessed to grow up in a town that hosts a state fair.

Every year, for 10 days, the fair would come and us locals would head out to see all the attractions. Of course, as a youth, I wanted to spend all of my time in the midway. That's where all of my friends—and to be honest, most of the fun—was located.

Then, of course, there was all the delicious deep-fried food.

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Part of going to a fair is eating all the fair food. From corndogs to cotton candy, there is nothing quite like spending the day eating unhealthy food that for whatever reason tastes better when it's on a stick.

Here in Montana, we have our own famous fair foods. There is the Tater Pig and Huckleberry Lemonade, however, when it comes to the most popular Montana fair food, that title goes to "The Viking."


The Viking has everything you need and want when it comes to fair food. It's a whole lot like a corndog, except instead of a hotdog, you have a tasty mixed meatball surrounded by a delicious deep-fried batter on a stick. It's a delicacy that dreams and heartburn are made of.

As someone that has eaten a Viking or two...or three, I have to tell you, one is never enough.

The Viking has been around for over 50 years, was created by the Sons of Norway, and is just as popular now as it was back in the day. Folks will travel from all over Montana to hit up a fair just so they can have their favorite deep-fried treat.

I don't know about you, but now I'm craving a Viking.

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