Last week we talked about the new high school opening up in Bozeman in 2020 and potential mascots that should be considered.

Some of our readers contacted us with their suggestions for the new Bozeman high school mascot. Here are some of the options that were thrown out.

  • 1


    Bozeman is a fantastic area for fishing, but an angler isn't all that intimidating.

  • 2


    What exactly would this mascot look like?

  • 3

    Trust Funders

    There are a lot of these individuals running around Bozeman these days.

  • 4


    The rival mascot of Montana State University would be a bit weird to say the least.

  • 5


    More and more Californians are moving here, but come on.

  • 6


    Transplants can be intimidating if you're sharing the road with them.

  • 7

    Fightin' Trout

    No one is scared of a fish that probably isn't more than 15 inches.

  • 8


    To be fair, there are swarms of these folks around town now.

  • 9


    Wool socks, a solar flex shirt and water bottle probably won't cut it.

  • 10

    Craft Brewers

    Beer snobs only make people angry, they don't make opposing teams nervous.

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