I suck at running, BUT am determined to run my second ever 5K the end of September to benefit Haven!  Here's a great article about improving your run! ~Erin

Whether you’re propelling yourself across a finish line or racing around the block, your lungs are just as important as your legs. After all, becoming a better endurance athlete is all about improving aerobic function, a factor of which is your body’s ability to take up oxygen and turn it into energy that will keep you going for a long distance at a relatively low intensity. Problem is, breathing often takes a backseat once your shoes are laced. While you’re running, you’re likely thinking about miles, speed, form, the music on your iPod, or maybe even a daunting to-do list. You might not be concerned much with the rhythm and depth of your inhalations and exhalations, but the right breathing technique can help you boost stamina and finish like a champ on race day. Use these five simple techniques to strengthen respiratory muscles and keep you running stronger, longer.

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