I am running the Drop and Trot 5K and it's only two months away! If you want to join me, here are some good tips for getting started!  ~Erin

Whether you're taking your first steps as a runner or trying to improve your speed, a track can be a safe, convenient place to run. There are no cars to contend with, many tracks are lighted, the synthetic surface cushions your joints, and the measured distance makes it easy to monitor your pace. But beginners often steer clear of running on the local oval because they're intimidated—unsure of the rules and etiquette. Here's all you need to know to run in circles safely.

Discover three reasons why you'll learn to love the oval

In which direction do I run?

Typically, counterclockwise. Some tracks alternate directions daily--check for posted rules or follow the lead of other runners.

Which lane do I use?

Most runners should utilize the two outermost lanes. The three inside lanes are reserved for faster runners and those who are doing speed workouts. Walkers should use the far outside lane.

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