Let me just say this, I am not a great cook.  I cook from my heart – but if that’s the way you describe your skills you know you’re bad!  My 3 aunts got a big kick out of my lack of culinary knowledge during one of my early trips home after moving away to college.  I remember sitting in the farmhouse and being the center of an unwanted laughter session.  Shortly after getting back to Bozeman, I received “The Joy Of Cooking”  from my librarian Aunt Donna.  Inside was a simple note – “This will show you how to make most things”.

I have packed this cookbook around for all of my college years and after, and never really opened the thing up until about a year ago.  Since then my cooking life has changed.  This book is awesome!  It tells me all those secrets that no one ever mentioned to me the few times I did try and learn.  Last night was a Herb & Garlic Chicken success story.   A huge thank you to my Aunt Donna, sorry it took me 10 years to realize how great this gift really was!  Love you!