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S*@T Thompson Square Says!
You've heard of the book and TV Show, "S*@T My Dad Says".  There were so many knock-off,  paradies of it going around...however, this one takes the cake! Thompson Square's is hilarious!
Trace Adkins Tweets Picture of Bare Butt Before Surgery
Trace Adkins has taken control of his Twitter page and given fans — well, female fans — a treat with a picture of his barely-covered backside before he laid down to have some kidney stones removed. “@ Vanderbilt having kidney stones busted. No big deal,” Adkin…
Daily Roundup: Trace Adkins, Lauren Alaina + More
Trace Adkins lead an interesting day of country music headlines. Much like Carrie Underwood last week, the singer finally learned how to use Twitter, and his first posts were revealing… to say the least. Lauren Alaina also made a big announcement this afternoon, and Miranda Lambert took fans …

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