Trace Adkins has taken control of his Twitter page and given fans — well, female fans — a treat with a picture of his barely-covered backside before he laid down to have some kidney stones removed. “@ Vanderbilt having kidney stones busted. No big deal,” Adkins posted with a barely suitable for work photo late Tuesday morning.

The hairless honky tonk badonkadonk is one of the first messages Adkins has personally sent to fans. If he keeps up this pace, it’s going to be a wild, if not strange, ride. “Trinity and Brianna have sore throats. Don’t want to get it. Sending them to China to get jobs,” he added earlier today, referring to his daughters.

On Monday, the ‘Million Dollar View’ singer explained why he was finally joining the social media revolution in a video to fans. His flip phone had broken, so he got an iPhone and decided to learn how to use Twitter because he thought it’d be a better way to interact with fans during his Songs and Stories Tour.

“I have surrendered, and said ‘OK, I’ll start tweetin’,” he says in the short video. Videos and pictures in just two days … someone show him how to properly use the hashtag and he’ll be the next Blake Shelton.

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