When I walk into the Chocolate Moose in downtown Bozeman with my kids, I feel like I am walking into the edible room in 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.'

My kids eyes light up, and I have to admit, mine do too!

I had some extra time yesterday, so I thought I would go in, by myself, and get the kids their favorite Jelly Belly's.  You can get individual flavors there.  It's very exciting for all of us.

I found bubblegum cigarettes.  Do you remember those?  I sure do.   When you blow on them, you even get a puff of "smoke."

I'm sure there are parents who are opposed to them for that fact, but I am not one of them.  I "smoked" candy cigarettes as a kid, and I didn't turn out to be a smoker.  I hate real cigarettes, but still love the candy ones.  Bought myself a pack, in fact!

I bought some for my kids yesterday and they had a blast.  I loved seeing them, it brought back wonderful memories of my sisters and my childhood.