Rockin’ country music here at Headwaters is just one part of the fun. When you mix good friends, sunny afternoons, and a few adult beverages, competitive activities are bound to pop up. Here’s a look at our favorites.

Beer Pong

A college classic, pong is the perfect way to challenge friends and get a buzz at the same time. Rules vary, but sinking all your ping-pong balls in solo cups before the other team does will win it every time. Loser drinks!


It seems every backyard party isn’t complete without a cornhole board. Three points in the hole and just one for landing on the board, the first to 21 wins it. A beer in your hand is usually necessary.


Think of this as vertical cornhole. You get points for each rung, but I can’t remember how many… too many games of cornhole might have something to do with that.


If you’ve got a mob of able-bodied friends ready to have fun, this is the go-to sport. It’s got all the action, excitement, and drama you could ask for without having to run very much.


Can you get a ringer? It’s a lot harder than you’d think. This is another sport where you’d look funny without a drink in your hand.

Getting soaked by the water truck

Everybody wins when it comes to this sport. When things get hot, follow the water truck around and cool yourself down.