As far as April Fool's jokes go, it was a pretty good one.

The website Snow Brains reported that Pop Princess Taylor Swift was purchasing over 500 acres outside of Bozeman and would be building her own little "Montana Paradise" on Monday, April 1st. While we thought there was a perfect chance it was an April Fools prank, we have to admit, it was certainly believable.

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Swift, who owns properties around the world can certainly afford to buy and build here in Montana as she was recently named a billionaire, and we all know that the rich and famous have been known to spend time here in Montana.

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With places like The Yellowstone Club popular among celebrities, it wasn't that farfetched that she was looking for a place to hang out and avoid the paparazzi. What was interesting however was the reaction that some Montanans had to the idea of Ms. Swift moving to Montana.

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What did Montanans say about the possibility of Taylor Swift moving to Montana?

Well, it was a bit of a mixed bag. Some liked the idea and would welcome her with open arms, while others used that popular Montana response of "We're full". Below are some of the best comments from locals regarding Taylor living here in Big Sky Country:

Super original!  Another damn celebrity moving into the Yellowstone Club driving more people to Montana with their elite social status  Stay out!! Montana is full!! Winters are unbearable! Bears will eat you!


Hope it’s an April Fool's joke as we don’t need any more fools here - already have enough!


I hope so, I also hope she continues to register hundreds of thousands of young female voters.


Good for her, if this is true! Montana is a beautiful place to be enjoyed!! Many of Montana residents moved here from other places!!


Heavens NO. If she does, at least make it Big Sky or Yellowstone Club so it’s far away from Bozeman lol.


Honestly who really cares!! No one complains about any other celebrity that lives in Big Sky!! So why only her!?

There were several others, some of them we can't post because they're just plain disrespectful. While the Snow Brains website has admitted that it was a joke, would anyone be surprised if she did buy land here in Montana? I mean, as mentioned, we have many celebrities and rich folk living here and, for the most part, seem to be left alone by regular, everyday folk.

However, someone of Ms. Swift's status might not find the same peace, even here in Montana.

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