Target is a very popular department store regardless of what state you live in. I remember years ago when Target started having Starbucks in their locations so you could grab your favorite latte and do some shopping.

I'm still waiting for the day when Montana Target's allow us to have a glass of wine while we shop for things we need...and don't need. Target is like a magnet when it comes to adding things to my cart with no actual purpose.

Luckily for many of us Target shoppers, there is a brand new way to save and this doesn't sound too shabby if you ask me.

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Remember a few years back when Target started "Circle"? You still see it at the checkout when you are getting ready to pay. It asks you for your phone number and you can receive additional savings if it applies to your purchase.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Staring  April 7th, 2023 you will have the option to purchase a Target Membership. Kind of like Amazon Prime but for less than half the cost.

Target Circle

The newness kicks off when Target Circle launches on April 7, with every member getting access to automatic deals applied at checkout — so you can feel confident you’re getting the best deal every time, without having to search for or add individual offers. It’s a super easy (and always free-to-join) way to get more of what you love, like exclusive partner perks. -Target Official Website

Target Circle Card

To save even more, Target Circle Card1 (previously known as Target RedCard) will offer an extra 5%2 off instantly every day — on top of your Target Circle deals. You’ll also have access to no-rush returns (that’s an extra 30 days to return your items3), free 2-day shipping4 on hundreds of thousands of items on, and a cardholder special pricing for our paid membership (hint: cardholders will only pay $49 for Target Circle 3605). -Target Official Website

Target Circle 360

Also launching on April 7: Our new paid membership, Target Circle 360, with free same-day delivery from Target’s same-day delivery service, Shipt, and its more than 100 retail partners. Best of all: It’s delivered in as little as an hour with no delivery fees. You’ll also gain access to free 2-day shipping4 and the ability to deliver to your door — or someone else’s. -Target Official Website

For someone who shops at Target a lot like I do, this is great news! I am always looking for ways to save extra money, get cash back, or really anything that will help me justify some of my purchases.

If you are a Target junkie like I am, this seems like a dream come true.

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