Montana Ranked 4th Most Expensive State to Raise A Family
Montana was ranked as the fourth most expensive state to raise a family in a recent study conducted by a financial website. This certainly doesn't surprise this father of two in Montana, where the cost of living is so high while average income is so low. Here's the breakdown from…
15 Most Immature Things Men Do
I don't know, my husband is 43 right now...and still has his moments!
With just one study, I think we can explain every single thing you've observed in your marriage, and all your friends' marriages too.
It’s Natural For Teens To Be Moody
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Teenagers are prone to being moody, self-centered and reckless.  What may surprise you, is the reason why.  According to a study, their brains function differently when they do something they enjoy.
A study of rats found more neurons were activated in adolescents' brains as they re…
Cell Phones May Cause Cancer, Says New Study
According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer the radiation in cell phones may cause cancer.
The group came to this conclusion after analyzing 30 previous studies which had explored the link between cell phones and cancer...