Montana can get pretty passionate about its sports - the longstanding Griz/Bobcats football rivalry draws an intense crowd every year for Brawl of the Wild. But according to a new study, we don't exactly have the best success rate when it comes to churning out athletes who go pro.

Montana Was Named the 3rd-Worst State For Producing Professional Athletes

The Action Network ran the numbers for 2021 to determine how well each state fares in bringing athletes to the professional leagues. They did this by looking at the full rosters for the NFL, the NBA, and the MLB, and determining how often each college and state appeared with each player.

And when you look at the numbers there, Montana was all the way down at the bottom, with only two states ranking below it - New Hampshire and Delaware. Across all three leagues, Montana only has two athletes currently playing, both in the NFL: Travis Jonsen of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Alex Singleton of the Philadelphia Eagles.

On the flip side of things, Texas was far and away the best state for producing pro athletes, with 250 players from the state currently playing across all three leagues.

What Can Montana Do to Improve Its Ranking Here?

Here's what I propose - we build a massive Superdome the likes of which the world has never seen before. We train kids from a young age who live inside the Superdome to be super-athletes. Those super-athletes dismantle the professional sports that we know now and create one Super Sport called BaseBasketFoot, and the world enters a new state of peace.

Well, that's one idea, at least. Do you have a better one?

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