This doesn't surprise me.  I don't try on swimsuits.  I am very aware of what works and doesn't, so I just buy and hope for the best.  Plus, I buy LOTS of cover-ups!

This new study found that, for women, even just imagining trying on swimsuits can increase a bad mood.

The reason, is because it increases feelings of self-objectification.  This is a fancy work used by psychologists.  It means that we imagine what other people might think of us and our bodies.

I think it should be called woman crazy.  I am not judging, because I've suffered from woman crazy before.  I think if we're honest, we all have!  I've also suffered from what my sister calls reverse-anorexia.  That's when I think I look really good even if I don't.  Usually, seeing a picture of yourself jolts you back into reality.

I think women are way too hard on themselves.  Just buy that swimsuit you want...and flaunt it!

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