4-H Summer Camp: Sign up TODAY
You have GOT to check this out! Our registration deadline (with no late fee) is TODAY!. I honestly wish I was a 9-13 year old, because this camp is going to be fun. At least I work with 4-H so I get to go...How luck am I? Read on for vital 4-H Summer Camp information.
Scrapbook Scribbles 2: Beginning Basics
Last time, I talked about the beginning of “scrapbooks” and what they used to be like and how things have changed. We see the scrapbooking shows on TV, and we see all of the magazines full of fancy lay-outs and expensive tools and we feel that creating scrapbooks has to be so involved...
Scrapbook Scribbles: Welcome
Welcome to Scrapbook Scribbles Welcome to my little blog about scrapbooking, or paper crafts, or even just crafts altogether.  I’m Tom Jordan’s wife, Lori, and he thought that little tidbits about this popular subject might be interesting to you.