Last time, I talked about the beginning of “scrapbooks” and what they used to be like and how things have changed.

We see the scrapbooking shows on TV, and we see all of the magazines full of fancy lay-outs and expensive tools and we feel that creating scrapbooks has to be so involved.

Sure, all the gadgets are cool (and, of course, I am guilty too of wanting… ummm… and having some of them too).  However; we can preserve our memories with just a few basics.

All you really need to get started are:

Your photographs, your own words about the pictures (journaling), scissors, an acid-free pen; cardstock (can be just white or colored); an album; and of course your acid-free adhesive (glue stick or double-sided tape).

As you get more into this hobby, of course you’ll get wrapped up in the addiction!!  You’ll want, no, NEED (at least, this is what we tell our husbands anyway) all of the latest and greatest everything!!!

After all, we ARE the historians of our family’s memories, and that’s a very important job. Right??  **wink, wink**

Next time – Terms and Phrases

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