It's previously been known as the Buttrey's Shopping Center, then the Hastings Shopping Center. Now, it looks like it will soon be known as the Hobby Lobby Shopping Center.

All signs are pointing to Hobby Lobby taking over the old Hastings location as well as the extra space between that and Harbor Freight. Construction is already underway and workers at the location have revealed that the remodeling is expected to take another five months. The parking lot is also going to receive a face lift, according to people working at the site.

construction 3

It's circulating that when all is completed, Hobby Lobby will open in mid-spring of 2019.

The company posted on social media that it is looking for employees as you can see below.

It makes sense that the retail giant would be attracted to Bozeman as the Gallatin Valley continues to grow at a rapid rate year after year. Plus, the company already has its brand firmly planted in Montana with stores in Kalispell, Helena, Billings and Great Falls.

Hobby Lobby has not responded to our request for information on a potential new Bozeman location, but it appears like the secret may already be out.

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