Welcome to Scrapbook Scribbles

Welcome to my little blog about scrapbooking, or paper crafts, or even just crafts altogether.  I’m Tom Jordan’s wife, Lori, and he thought that little tidbits about this popular subject might be interesting to you.

I’m so happy to be back in Bozeman and have been quite busy getting unpacked and I’m soooo anxious to get creating, cutting, and collecting again.

The art of scrapbooking has certainly changed since I was a kid.  A “scrapbook” was a large blank paged book that you taped your school work in, your artwork, your precious autographs from movie stars, and newspaper articles that yellowed with age and added a bit of nostalgia to the pages.  The tape would dry up and fall off and the contents of your book would fall loose from their pages, but it didn’t matter, we still had our collection of memorabilia.  In essence, it was a “memory album” but contained “scraps” of things we wanted to keep.

Now-a-days, we fill albums with photographs, journaling, and embellishments and we wouldn’t dream of taping or gluing our treasures with anything other than adhesives that are deemed “acid-free”.  “Scrapbooking” has become a household word and also a multi-million dollar industry.

Walmart may have done away with 99% of their craft supplies, but by golly, they kept, and perhaps even increased their scrapbook supply section.  Even Martha Stewart, amongst her plethora of name brand items and her range of talents, has an incredible line of items solely for scrapbooking.

So, with all this said, time for me to get back to keeping memories, with my photographs, scraps of memorabilia, and of course, my acid-free adhesives.

Next time – Beginning Basics.

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