How To Erase Embarrassing Memories
I can honestly say I wouldn't erase my embarrassing memories.  They keep me from making the same mistake again! However, according to Daily Mail, a new study found that we can erase embarrassing memories. Scientists used EEG scans to monitor the parts of the brain that became active when volunteers actively tried to forget something...
Scrapbook Scribbles 17 – Ephemera
What??  What is “Ephemera”? e·phem·er·a - a class of collectable items not originally intended to last for more than a short time, such as tickets, posters, postcards, or labels. Do you like to save your concert or movie tickets?  Do you save little shells from your trip to the beach?  A little vile of sand?  A napkin from a wedding or event?  A pressed flower from a special corsage or bouquet? 
Scrapbook Scribbles 10: Layout Subjects
When we look through scrapbooking magazines, we see tons of layouts of children, however; there are MANY other subjects for our pages.  Pages can be about anything, even an object, like your car or your camera. Here is just a quick list of some ideas: *  Pets *  Vacations *  Hobbies *  Homes *  Family relationships *  Flowers *  High School Memories *  Objects *  Collections *  Food *  Hiking *  B
Scrapbook Scribbles 5: Journaling
When I was growing up, my mom took a lot of pictures.  Rolls and rolls of film.  The first thing she would do when she got them home from being developed was to write on the back of them.  Who was in the picture, where it was taken, and the date...
Scrapbook Scribbles: Welcome
Welcome to Scrapbook Scribbles Welcome to my little blog about scrapbooking, or paper crafts, or even just crafts altogether.  I’m Tom Jordan’s wife, Lori, and he thought that little tidbits about this popular subject might be interesting to you.