A Tennessee judge retired the charges against Rodney Atkins stemming from his Nov. 21 altercation with his wife Tammy. After completing court-ordered assessments for anger management, alcohol and drug use, the charges were cleared and expunged from his record.

“I am so thankful for all those that chose to withhold judgment while keeping my family and I in their prayers,” Atkins told the Tennessean. “God Bless. Onward and upward.”

The newspaper reports that since Atkins passed the assessments, Judge Denise Andre ruled there would be no further action taken by the General Sessions Court of Williamson County. Atkins denied his wife’s accusations that he tried to smother her with a pillow and threw her down the hallway. However, he was arrested and released on $2,500 bail.

After reports of the arrest surfaced, nearly three weeks after the altercation, Atkins’ attorney stated that the accusations were an exaggeration. “This was an unfortunate verbal dispute between Mr. and Mrs. Atkins within hearing range of their child,” Rose Palermo said, “and when Mr. Atkins realized their child was in hearing range of the argument his first priority became getting out of the earshot of the child, and that is when Mrs. Atkins called the police and gave them her version of the argument, which is completely untrue.”

Atkins and his wife are still going through with the divorce. The couple have one son named Elijah. The Tennessean reports that Atkins leaves for a USO tour on Friday (Feb. 10).

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