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Rodney Atkins Hosts Radio Fundraiser for Tornado Relief
Just a couple weeks after a string of deadly, tornado-laden storms ripped through the southeast, Rodney Atkins is going live on the radio station WRIL-The Big 106 to host a radio drive raising money for the storm victims. Atkins will especially be growing support for those communities that took the …
Rodney Atkins Cleared of Domestic Assault Charges
A Tennessee judge retired the charges against Rodney Atkins stemming from his Nov. 21 altercation with his wife Tammy. After completing court-ordered assessments for anger management, alcohol and drug use, the charges were cleared and expunged from his record.
Rodney Atkins Looks to Garth Brooks for Career Inspiration
Rodney Atkins‘ fans know he’s one of the most approachable stars in country music — the type of guy who’ll happily stick around after a show to sign autographs, pose for pictures and spend time with his fans.
Even though he’s currently enjoying the most successful single of his career, don’t expect A…