After a discussion on the XL Morning Show, we asked XL Nation about people moving to Bozeman and how long someone must live in a place to be considered a local.  Many people weighed in on our poll and on Facebook. Here's what some of XL Nation had to say:

  • John: It's not just about a time period, have to gain the mindset also!!!
  • Emily: Once a transplant always a transplant!
  • Joseph: Yeesh, people going with "only born there" are a bit rough on this. After 10 years, you've definitely found your place in a community. You've participated in school functions, likely have places where you are considered a regular, and have voted in multiple local elections. You've seen businesses come and go and established yourself in the community. 10 years it is for me.
  • Beth: Depends on how many Montana winters you've survived.
  • Jonathan: I think you can define a “local” as someone who knows when not to drive down 19th at certain times, or what times it’s too busy to go to the breweries during certain days. It’s about knowing the details that make the town unique. 👍
  • RJ: The best idea about being a local is to leave your thoughts and ideas and lifestyle where you moved from and adopt the lifestyle thoughts and beliefs of where you're moving to. Don't bring your big city or state ideas here and try to make us like there. If you like it here don't change it if you want to change it go back to where you came from.

Below are the results from our poll.  How Long Must One Live in a Place to be Considered a Local?
Do you agree with the results? Are you considered a local?

Poll results: How Long Must One Live in a Place to be Considered a Local?