Does Bozeman have a weird vibe? There's no arguing the fact that Bozeman is much different from many larger cities in Montana.

Many people refer to Bozeman as "Bozangeles" due to all of the wealthy people that have recently moved here. While Bozeman does have a lot of modern amenities, it still maintains some of its small-town charm.

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In the mix of newer luxury vehicles, you'll still see jacked-up pickup trucks and remnants of Bozeman's past. Bozeman is changing at a rapid pace, but some residents refuse to change with it.

Recently, a Reddit user pointed out the fact that Bozeman has some weird energy. ShingoTheFisherman lives in Helena, Montana and recently visited Bozeman this past weekend. They claim that Bozeman has a different kind of energy and gave a few examples of the weird vibe they felt while in Bozeman.

Went walking around Bozeman this weekend and it felt kinda weird. So many restaurants and stores closed or operating on reduced hours, selling super-expensive designer [expletive]. Dudes in their pickup trucks just going up and down main repeatedly coal rolling everyone and doing some backfire thing that sounded like a gunshot and terrified my dog. No sandwiches at the Co-Op. Just a frazzled, distrustful, angry, weird vibe.

said ShingoTheFisherman on Reddit.

Personally, I find it funny that they complained about having no sandwiches at the Co-Op. That doesn't seem that wierd. Also, dudes coal rolling up and down Main St. has been happening for years. After all, Bozeman is a college town. That stuff tends to happen from time to time. Businesses adjusting hours and closing early is a little weird and difficult to adjust to, but that's pretty much a sign of the times and is happening all over the country.

What do you think? Does Bozeman have a weird vibe?

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