We blame a lot of accidents on out of state drivers. Whether they are visiting for the weekend or just moved here recently and are not used to the roads just yet, BUT there is clearly another issue that doesn't help when it comes to accidents.

Forbes, a trusted source, recently came out with the Worst States for Drunk Drivers, and Montanans should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

In fact, the Western part of the country should reconsider getting behind the wheel after a afternoon happy hour with friends, or a night out. There are many different rideshare options, you would think that this number of drunk drivers would be much lower than it is.

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Some may think, "Well this is a bunch of crap. How do they come up with this anyway?" Here is what Forbes took into play:

  1. Number of drunk drivers involved in fatal crashes per 100,000 licensed drivers: 20% of score.
  2. Number of DUI arrests per 100,000 licensed drivers: 20% of score.
  3. Number of people killed in crashes involving a drunk driver per 100,000 state residents: 15% of score.
  4. Percent of total traffic deaths that were caused by drivers with a BAC of 0.01-0.07: 10% of score.
  5. Percent of total traffic deaths that were caused by drivers with a BAC of 0.08 or higher: 20% of score.
  6. Number of drunk drivers under age 21 involved in fatal crashes per 100,000 licensed drivers: 15% of score.

Montana took the top spot at #1 in all of the U.S., including British Columbia. Scoring 100/100, it was discovered that 8.39 drunk drivers were involved in a fatal crash for every 100,000 licensed drivers, and 6.92 people were killed in a crash involving a drunk driver for every 100,000 state residents. Those are both the highest in the country.

45% of Montana traffic deaths were caused by drunk drivers in 2020. Montana also had the second-highest number of drunk drivers, who were under the age of 21, involved in fatal crashes. The only state worse than them for this was Texas.

How many arrest came from DUI's? 478 per 100,000 licensed drivers. This is the 10th highest in the U.S.


Forbes also discovered that Montanan's are tied for 11th place for people to say they have seen a friend or family member appear drunk, and still drive home after a holiday get together.

For all of the beauty that surrounds us here in Montana, this is a sad statistic that effects everyone. This holiday season, let's make sure we keep ourselves, our relatives, and other drivers safe. Get a designated driver.

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