UPDATE: I-90 is closed from Livingston to Big Timber due to severe conditions. The road will be closed overnight. MDT and law enforcement personnel will evaluate road and weather conditions in the morning of Wednesday, February 1st, and determine when the highway will reopen to travel.

The last few days have brought rough weather for much of Montana as the roads, highways, and interstates are covered with snow and ice.  This, of course, makes traveling difficult, and at times, impossible as those traveling on I-90 through Livingston learned firsthand this morning.

The popular stretch of interstate was closed early this morning because of road and weather conditions. Reports of low visibility and slick roads combined with strong winds resulted in several vehicles, including multiple semi-trucks being swept off the road.

The Montana Department of Transportation released the following statement on its website:

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I-90 EB from MP 331.0 to 338.0
Road Closed
Blow Over Warning

Additional Information:

While traffic was being directed through Livingston, we also received multiple reports of roads in town being hard to navigate as well due to a heavy ice buildup. In fact, according to one report, several vehicles were sliding through the stoplights in town because of the slick conditions.

Winter driving - car breakdown

The good news is that temperatures will begin to rise today, and throughout the rest of the week in southwestern Montana.  In fact, the National Weather Service is calling for a high of almost 40 degrees by Friday.

If you are traveling by vehicle in winter conditions, you should always make sure that you have the following:

  • Full Tank of Gas
  • Emergency Kit (extra blankets, gloves, hats, snacks, phone charger)
  • Small Shovel
  • Kitty Litter (for extra traction if the vehicle gets stuck)

Here's a link to some helpful websites if you are traveling in Montana.

Credit: Montana Department of Transporation

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