Winter arrived here in Montana a couple of months ago. Although spoiled by a few warmer days earlier in the season, we also saw some of the coldest days of the year as well. Snowfall has been a bit light so far this year, but we still have lots of time to get those record inches in the book.

Photo Credit: Canva
Photo Credit: Canva

With winter comes some questionable road conditions; with lots of people commuting more than 30 miles a day for work, we are often using different apps and social media sites to get updates on "how are the roads from point A to point B".

The most popular site used is 511MT.

This official Department of Transportation website is the first to update with real details. You can pick your location and see if there are any hazards ahead of your drive. From ice and wind to accidents, 511MT is your official "go-to" for road information.

Photo Credit: 511MT
Photo Credit: 511MT

Another site that I personally use is Facebook. There are a couple of people I look for that give constant/accurate updates on a couple of different sites. Typically with a video, their updated road status has saved me numerous hours of waiting in traffic.



If you download our App, you will get updates as well as often as we can. You can also message us on our App or on Facebook to send updates to us as well.


Drive safe, take your time, and drive smart Bozeman. We all have somewhere to be, it's just a matter of making sure we all make it there.

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