There is an organization in Bozeman that is asking businesses to sign what they call: the "Freedom Pledge." The businesses that sign it will be put on a list to let the community know which businesses have signed it and which haven't. The Pledge affirms a business's commit in four areas:

Signee Institutions Commit to:

1 - Adopt Anti-Racist Store Policies, including anti-racist hiring practices and customer and community relationships.

2 - Accept Feedback from BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) community members with grace and responsiveness.

3 - Ongoing Institutional Transformation of Signee's Institution to combat implicit bias and internalized racism of staff and owners, in the form of staff trainings, conflict mediation, and anti-racist goal setting.

4 - Support Ongoing Work for Racial Justice in Bozeman and move our community to be more just, such as by sharing events put on by racial justice groups in Bozeman, fundraise for and donate to racial justice groups, or publicly displaying sings in support of racial justice work.

Because of current events some businesses have felt pressured into signing this Pledge, while others are gladly taking it and displaying it on the doors and windows of their business.

If you were a business owner, how would you feel about the Pledge? Please let us know by taking our poll below:

photo by Dave Wooten
photo by Dave Wooten

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