Everyone likes to save a buck or two, right? However, is there a certain product that you just won't skimp on, no matter the savings?  Do you have a certain brand that you just have to have?

Most of us do. In fact, most of us have more than one, even if we don't think we do.

For me, it's peanut butter. I just can't buy the cheap stuff. I know some people say "well, peanut butter is peanut butter," and to that I say, nothing could be farther from the truth. I'm a Jiff guy and that's the only peanut butter I will eat. Oh, and it has to be the creamy kind—I'm not into the chunky stuff at all.

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So what about you? What do Montanans say is the one product that they refuse to buy the cheap version of?

There were a ton of answers; everything from shampoo to gasoline. In fact, as I went through other people's answers to compile our Top 5 list, I started to notice that peanut butter wasn't the only thing I refused to buy the cheap version of.

So without further ado, here are the Top 5 products that Montanans refuse to buy the cheap version of.


It seems that Montanans not only love their condiments, but they love a certain brand.  Several people said that when it comes to things like mayonnaise, salad dressing, or ketchup, they refused to buy the cheaper versions. In the end, is it worth saving a little bit of money, if you feel like you've lost some quality?

Used Plastic Ketchup Bottle Half Empty Isolated on White Background.
Michael Burrell

Toilet Paper

Montanans are picky when it comes to their TP, and why shouldn't they be? Maybe it's an age thing, but the older I get, the more I appreciate the quilted feel of a nice, high-quality toilet paper. Plus, I'm convinced that the more expensive stuff lasts longer, although I don't have actual proof of that.

Stack of white tissue paper rolls.
Matze Fotograf_Bln

Mac and Cheese

When it comes to this classic culinary creation, people would rather stick to their preferences than save a few cents. By the way, I think we should point out that we're talking about boxed mac and cheese here, not the baked stuff that your grandma or mom would make.

Mac N' Cheese
R Rob M Ferguson


The last thing you want to do if you're standing on your feet all day is wear a pair of cheap, uncomfortable shoes. When it comes to footwear, Montanans will spend extra to make sure their feet aren't only comfortable, but also protected during the different seasons.

Shoes market

Cleaning Supplies

Whether they're cleaning their clothes, their dishes, their homes, or themselves, Montanans are willing to spend a little extra for the products they know and trust. I completely understand the logic behind this one—there are just certain products that work better than others. Growing up, my parents always had a certain dish soap they used, so when I got out on my own, what did I buy? That same dish soap.


That old saying "you get what you pay for" seems to be true when it comes to Montanans and the products they love. What is a product that you refuse to buy a generic or cheaper version of?

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