This doesn't just affect students.

This is from the Bozeman Police Department:

If you are leaving your car in Bozeman for an extended period of time while you are away during the winter, please make arrangements for your car to be parked off the city streets in the event of a snow storm occurs.

Parked cars on a city street which create a hazard to snow plows or passing motorists will be ticketed and towed, resulting in fees in excess of $100.

For Montana State University students living off campus, Montana State University is offering free parking for those leaving their cars in Bozeman over the winter break, from December 10th – January 11th.

This parking is only available to students currently registered at MSU. If you are interested in taking advantage of this free parking, you must register your vehicle at the MSU Police Department on the corner of Kagy Boulevard and South 7th Avenue prior to your departure.

There is no charge for the registration. Upon registering your vehicle, you will receive a free permit to park on campus and directions to an available parking lot. For more information, please call the MSU Police Department at 994-2121.