Montana continues to be one of the most popular states to move to. In fact, recent data shows that more folks are moving to Montana than moving out.

So which cities are hot spots for new Montana move-ins? It seems almost all of them.

According to Move Buddha, every city in the state is seeing more people coming in than leaving. However, certain cities are seeing major growth. So which Montana cities are growing the fastest? Let's take a look at the Top 4 Fastest Growing Cities in Montana.

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In true countdown fashion, we will start with number 4 and work our way down to the top spot.

4) Great Falls

Great Falls has a population of just under 60,000 people and has several things going for it, including affordable home prices in comparison to other Montana cities. Great Falls also has plenty of outdoor activities and fun and interesting museums.

Plus, the city is right next to Malmstrom Air Force Base.

Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson

3) Kalispell

Kalispell has a population of just under 25,000 and is the northern-most city of the top 4. It's a gateway to Glacier National Park and has a restored downtown area with lots of fun and unique shops. Just north of Flathead Lake, summers are busy in Kalispell and filled with folks traveling from all around.

Photo by Ryan Ross on Unsplash
Photo by Ryan Ross on Unsplash

2) Bozeman

With a population of over 50,000, Bozeman is certainly on the move. In fact, the population has increased significantly over the last decade. Home of Montana State University, Bozeman is an outdoor lovers' paradise with hundreds of trails and plenty of snow skiing close by. Downtown Bozeman is an eclectic place filled with artwork, designer clothes, and lots of great restaurants.


1) Missoula

Missoula has a population of over 75,000 and is the second-largest city in the state. Home of the University of Montana, Missoula, much like Bozeman, has all the outdoor fun you could want. Also, much like Bozeman, housing prices have increased significantly in the last few years as people continue to move to the area. Missoula has lots of things to do and the downtown area is a popular place to grab some fantastic food or a great drink.

Photo by Steven Cordes on Unsplash
Photo by Steven Cordes on Unsplash

So there you have it, your Top 4.

Interestingly enough, all four cities do have one thing in common: they all have at least two times the number of people moving than they have moving out.


Beautiful Montana Cabin For Under $300k? Yep, But There's A Catch

This cute cabin set in the highly desired Hyalite Canyon is listed at $243,000 is a steal of a deal, BUT it does have some stipulations. This remote cabin is a Forest Service cabin and has apparently been standing strong since the early 1900s and is rumored to have been built as a retreat for nurses in 1911.

You will find that this cabin comes with power, phone service, gravity-fed spring water, AND a strongly built outhouse.

So what are the kickers? Unfortunately, Forest Service Residents CAN NOT be full-time. So what does that mean? Basically, you can live here part-time even though you would own the home. You can not make a profit off the house, either personally or commercially, so for the time you are not living there, you also can not rent it out and make some extra income off of it.

There is no financing available for this purchase, as the cabin doesn't qualify for it, you must be a cash buyer.
Lastly, you must be able to obtain an "FS Special Use Permit". This is required because, although you would own the cabin, you WOULD NOT own the land the cabin is on. The land will still belong to the USFS.

This Family Friendly "Montana Town" Is Frozen In Time

One of the coolest places to check out in Montana is the "Old Montana" town of Nevada City. Located just on the other side of Virginia City, Nevada City is the perfect example of what life was like back during the gold rush in the 1800s.

With several different buildings to tour and friendly folks to guide you through your visit, as well as tell you the stories of the times, Nevada City is not only educational but fun for the whole family.

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