If you have kids, you want them to go to a place they feel safe and can earn a solid education. You also want them to go to a school that isn't hopefully falling apart. 

Who doesn't love learning fascinating facts about Montana? One of the most debated topics in Montana is what is the oldest town or city. It all depends on your definition of settling, founding, or a town becoming incorporated. Learning about Montana can be fun. So when we found out about Montana's oldest high school, we were surprised. 

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Family Minded put a list together of the Oldest High Schools in Every State, and I was expecting one of the high schools from Billings, Helena, or even Great Falls to be on this list, but we were wrong. 

We didn't know this, but the oldest high school in Montana is Hellgate High in Missoula. Hellgate High was founded in 1908 and has some of the most unique architecture for a high school you will ever see. The building has a blend of open windows, brick, and tunnels to accommodate the students. 

Hellgate High School via Facebook
Hellgate High School via Facebook

Hellgate High was built to handle the blossoming population of Missoula and was the lone high school in Missoula in 1956. Missoula now has three of the largest high schools in the state and one private high school. 

Hellgate High School/Google Street View
Hellgate High School/Google Street View

I've been to Hellgate High School for a few school functions back in the day, and Hellgate High has a lot of history, but it's also a place that needs a facelift. Hellgate is fun to look at from the outside with its architecture, but the inside needs some work. Their gym still feels like it's out of the 1960s. 

To learn more info about Hellgate High, check out Family Minded

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