If there is one type of restaurant opening that gets me excited, it will always be a delicious BBQ joint.

A food that soothes the soul is BBQ. People love pulled pork, ribs, brisket, burnt ends, and more. BBQ is versatile and has many variations whether you like Kansas City, Texas, or Southern-style smoking.

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Montana has many incredible BBQ restaurants across the state, but this new spot in Bozeman will have you drooling.

Yellow House BBQ opened quietly in Bozeman but has been making waves with its dedication to the food. Yellow House BBQ has a custom-made smoker to cook all the meat, but the best part is Yellow House ships wood from Texas to get that quality smoke to coat the meat.

Will Gordon
Will Gordon

Let me tell you something, as soon as I smelled the smoker, it was like I was transported to BBQ heaven, and I wanted to buy all the meat. You can tell Yellow House puts its heart and soul into its craft.

Here's the wild thing about Yellow House BBQ, they are open only on Saturdays and close when they run out of meat. Tomorrow, January 14th, Yellow House will have around 300-400 pounds of meat for sale, and they sell out quickly.

Plus, they don't have a sign out front, so if you don't know where they are located, you could drive past their spot and not even know it. The only indication will be a massive line out the door to get a piece of Yellow House BBQ's food.

yellowhousebarbecue via Instagram
yellowhousebarbecue via Instagram

This is fantastic news because people here in the Gallatin Valley love BBQ that has a rustic feel to it. One of the most popular BBQ spots, Follow Yer' Nose BBQ, is located in Emigrant and can be treacherous to get to during the winter.

Plus, the other BBQ joints in Bozeman are more sit-down restaurants and can feel a little fancy. Yellow House BBQ has that feel that only locals should know this spot, and I can't wait to get some brisket.

Follow Yellow House BBQ's Instagram for menu details and updates.

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