If you drive to the west side of Bozeman, you will see that there are a lot of new developments, including Northwest Crossing which is part of Providence Development.

Northwest Crossing is home to 150,000 square feet of commercial space available, and I am personally hoping for some more food options. There is currently a hot yoga studio, Black Orchid, which opened in December and there are plans for a dental office as well.

The latest announcement from Providence Development is that a new Chipotle will be opening up at the Northwest Crossing.

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This new Chipotle is not going to be like the Chipotle on W Main St. This Chipotle is going to be introducing the companies newest concept, "Chipotlane", where you order your food through an app and then go and pick it up.

The new "Chipotlane" is hoping for an opening date of Summer, 2025.


Along with retail and restaurant additions, Northwest Crossing is also planning to have  more than 300 luxury apartments available along with over 300 homes. When they are done with the development, they are predicting more than 700 homes.

The west side of Bozeman is just starting to see what I believe will eventually connect Bozeman and Belgrade. The new high school is already full, I am guessing in the near future there will be a gas station on the west side near this development as well.

To see the latest developments at Northwest Crossing, you can take a peek at their official website.

Northwest Crossing

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