Yesterday, I was able to get away for a day of fly fishing. We went to the Sureshot Lakes located northwest of Ennis. There are two lakes, Upper Sureshot, and Lower Sureshot.

First off, if you've never seen the lakes, you need to take a trip to see them. They're absolutely beautiful! There are some really nice camping spots located all around both lakes. The best part is that they're only about an hour from Bozeman. I would definitely recommend a vehicle with four-wheel drive.

One of the coolest things I saw on my trip was at Lower Sureshot Lake. Someone had made a memorial for "Bob." I'm not sure who "Bob" is, but I'm assuming Lower Sureshot Lake was one of his favorite places in Montana. There was a plaque attached to a tree on the shoreline. The name "Bob" was engraved on the plaque, and there appeared to be what I'm guessing were his ashes in the center of the plaque.

I took a picture so you could get a better idea of what the plaque looked like. I would like to thank "Bob" for sharing his beautiful view of the lake.