All too often we hear negative stories about athletes.

How about one that restores your faith?

The thing that's funny about this, is that to him, it's probably no big deal...but it made a world of difference to my daughter!

My oldest, Emma is at MSU Basketball Camp.  It's mainly boys at the fact, she's the only girl on her team.

She's been complaining all week that the boys won't pass her the ball.  Yesterday, she came home with a smile on her face, and a story that she has told anyone who will listen.

Xavier Blount made it a point to make sure the boys passed the ball to Emma during the game yesterday.  He also had his own little contest to see if any of the kids could get the ball away from him.  None of the boys on the team were able to do it...but guess who could?  Emma!  He then told the boys that Emma was way tougher.

I wonder if he realizes what he did?  Does he know he helped a little girl who sometimes doubts herself?  Does he know that he was the topic of conversation many times yesterday?  Does he know that he made Emma love basketball even more, and that he encouraged her to try harder and not be intimidated by the boys?

His kindness changed her!

Thank you, Xavier, from this Mom.  You have several new fans, and I will be at all your games cheering you and the rest of the Bobcat Baskeball team!!!

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