Colleen and I talked about the MEGA MILLIONS that was won this week.  She says she would quit work and just disappear.  And I think she would too!  Me on the other hand, would continue to come into work each day (first off, I don't think of being on the air at XL Country work!).  Sure there would be changes in my life, but not the day to day items.  For one, I love my job!  I love radio so much that there's just no way to walk away from it.  I know I'd pay off all my bills, my relatives would have all their bills taken care of too!  I might buy myself some new clothes, new shoes, but seriously, I'd invest the bulk of the winnings to make sure that my kids and family would always, and I mean ALWAYS be taken care of in the future.  A little in the stock market, maybe some land/property, long term type stuff mostly.  What would you do?