Montanans love country music.

Songs about cowboys, rodeos, sunsets over the Rockies, broken hearts and dreams, and trucks driving down lost highways seem to resonate with folks from this great state. So let me propose a question.

What country song about Montana is the greatest Montana country song of all time?

I understand that music is subject to opinion and what one person might think is the greatest song of all time, another might think it's ridiculous. (Does anyone remember Achy Breaky Heart?)

Over the years, many folks have sung songs about Montana from country superstars Rascall Flatts, Hank Jr., and Joe Nichols.  Heck, even Jewel sings about Montana, although her song is more about Missoula, it's certainly popular in the Garden City.

So what is the greatest country song about Montana?

It would seem that by popularity, it comes down to two choices.  Wild Montana Skies by John Denver and Emmylou Harris OR Meet Me in Montana by Dan Seals and Marie Osmond. So, which one is it?

I mean it's a tough choice.  Both are classic country songs, although one is about a boy being born here in Montana and the other is about someone moving to Montana.  I realize that some folks don't like people moving here, so I hope that doesn't affect their judgment when picking the winner. Wild Montana Skies is more about the state and the beauty that it offers while Meet Me in Montana is more of a love story.

John Denver and Emmylou Harris with "Wild Montana Skies"

Dan Seals and Marie Osmond with "Meet Me in Montana"

You can vote for either song below. If you would like to see the winner check back and just click on the view results button.

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