This is the second year that the Montana Endurance Academy will be pulling their laces tight and getting ready to hit the streets to run for a great cause.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

This year's Story Mill Stride will take place THIS Saturday (October 22nd) at 8am and will go until 11am. This annual fundraising event takes participants from Story Mill Park to the "M". The purpose is fundraise in order to help kids in the community get on skis!

Skiing is a huge part of our community and the Montana Endurance Academy wants to make sure that all kids have the opportunity to experience the slopes.

Photo by Maxwell Ingham on Unsplash
Photo by Maxwell Ingham on Unsplash

This is the perfect event for you to bring family and friends together to run for a cause. There are a couple of different course options; there will be a 5k and 10k option for those that are able and a 1k kids option.

The registration cost for the 5k and 10k is $30. The registration for the 1k is only $20.

You can purchase your tickets for the stride below.



Running is a big part of the Bozeman community in many different ways. In addition to a lot of incredible recreational runners, Montana State also has a cross country team that's proving just how powerful they are. With just a few meets left, make sure to head out to cheer them on as their regular season comes to an end.

Montana State Track and Field is also making a splash, as per usual. Back when I did track, our coach dropped us off in the country and told us to run back to the school. I called a friend to come pick me up. So the endurance and discipline these student-athletes have is pretty impressive! Keep it going!

Mark your calendars for this Saturday's 2nd Annual Story Mill Stride! Best of luck to all that participate!

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