When people talk about parks in Montana Glacier and Yellowstone are usually the ones that get mentioned most. While we think those national parks are amazing, we also think Montana has some beautiful state parks to offer as well.

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Teddy Roosevelt knew what he was doing when he created our nation's very first national park with Yellowstone National Park. Making sure part of our countries' land wasn't stripped of all its resources has ensured generations could enjoy the splendor of untouched wilderness. Soon more national and state parks followed.

Montana has 55 state parks total.  Some date back almost 100 years, some are barely a decade old.  You'll find fishing, hiking, biking, camping and more in these parks.  If wildlife is what you are after, you'll find that in these parks as well. One park actually gives you the chance to spot increasingly rare wild horses. You can also see paintings that are over 2,000 years old in one of the parks in our list.

As you can tell these state parks offer up something for everyone. Another great aspect of these parks is that they aren't as "popular" as the National Parks in Montana, which means dealing with less traffic and people. If being able to reconnect with nature and feel a oneness with our planet is what you're after, these state parks are just the ticket.

We hope the next time you're planning a road trip or a visit to Montana you give a few of these "hidden gem" state parks a visit and be thankful that Teddy Roosevelt had the foresight to preserve these natural lands for generations to come.

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