It's an age old question, would you rather be rich or happy?

I want both!  That being said, seriously, I would choose happiness.  I did choose happiness, I passed up a couple high paying jobs to come here and start my family.

According to the Daily Mail, more than 2500 people were asked which would make them happier -- a job which paid $82,000 with 'reasonable' hours allowing them 7.5 hours sleep or one paying $148,000 with 'unusual' hours allowing them just six hours sleep.

Then they were asked, if push came to shove, which of the two jobs they would actually choose -- and more people would choose longer hours and higher pay even if they believe it would make them less happy.

Pressed about why -- many said they felt picking the better paid job would make their family happier. Others said they would enjoy the greater social status that came with the role while some said it would give them a greater sense of purpose.