Did you ever think that 'mother-in-law', 'you' and 'happy' would ever be used in the same sentence - in a positive way? Well, According to a new study, married people who regularly see both their mother-in-law AND their own mother are happier than people who never see either, or who only see one. The study says when you see both, you get two good sources of advice, maternal support and help with the kids.

I agree with this one!  And no, not because my future mother-in-law will probably read this post.  I think being close to family is an imperative part of life.  My family is about 8 hours away from Bozeman, and my fiance's family is about 3 hours away.  We do everything we can to see them as much as possible and would like to see them more often.  After a trip home, no matter what the family chaos is (and there always is), I am happier.

Do you agree?

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