Some day, you are going to find me at the bottom of my laundry pile, covered by hundreds of pounds of clothes, towels, sheets, and dirty socks, mumbling something like "laundry...laundry...must do the laundry."  It's my absolute least favorite job.  I have three kids and a husband who think that if you wear something once, for two minutes, it's dirty.  I finally put my foot down.  Mike does his own laundry now.  The girls have to fold their own clean laundry and put it away.  It isn't done "right" (meaning the way I would do it!), but it is done.  I admire all of you moms out there who do one or two loads a day and keep up with it.  My method is wait until there are no more clean clothes and spend two excruciating days getting it all done.  I know it's time when my kids go to school looking like clowns, and I am in underwear that I truly don't know why I still have.  I have this image of me getting into a car wreck and explaining to the E.R.  that tomorrow is laundry day because I am so embarrassed about my underwear.  When I win the lottery, I am going to hire someone to do my laundry...and cook...and clean...and rub my feet.  That's why I will never win.  It's always one of those people who say, "oh, my life won't change much."  Mine would...not the core things, but I would never wash another load of laundry again!  Can you tell what today is???

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