I survived!

So I made it through the sleepover, but not without some help.  Thank you to Outback Steak House for taking such good care of 8 kids and two adults.  We had a wonderful waitress who took such good care of us, and delivered me a Big Bloke beer to help me get through it all.  Thank you to the Marriott for not kicking us out when 7 little girls were screaming and running down the halls giggling.  Also, thank you for not kicking us out when they threw all of the adults in the pool with all their clothes on.  And, thank you for not kicking us out when they all showed up for breakfast the next morning, spilling orange juice and knocking over chairs.  Finally, thank you to my friend Tiffany, who helped me with all those little girls, and who took over at 1:30 in the morning when I was sound asleep snoring, and they were still up, bouncing on the bed.  It was all worth it when Emma told me it was the best birthday ever!