I have three great kids.  Bear with me, I am going to brag a bit.  My middle girl, Gracie, and youngest boy, Matthew get a lot of attention from people.  They are sassy and funny and just naturally attract attention.

My oldest, Emma, is my rock.  She is tender and gentle, and "mothers" everyone.   She is hardworking, and smart, but she's also the one I worry about.  Do I spend enough time on her?  Is she getting enough attention?  I ask the same questions all of us Moms ask ourselves.

Last weekend, we had one of those great days.  We went fishing together for hours, just the two of us.  We didn't talk about anything deep or important, we just talked, laughed, and had fun fishing.  I had to take a break for a while, and have her reel in my line.  She was so excited to find a fish on the end of it!  (Trick I learned from my Dad!)

We are usually catch and releasers, but the fish swallowed the hook, so we kept it.  Come to find out, Emma wouldn't have had it any other way.  I cooked it up last night, and that kid ate every bite.  She loved it!  She is also hooked on fishing.


I am going to do another Dad trick.  My Dad and I were fly fishing partners.  He made me practice casting in the backyard until I was ready.  I also had to learn how to tie all the knots.  I remember sitting at the kitchen table of our house for hours, tying knots until I got them right.

I am so excited to do the same with my Emma.  My Dad used to take me out of school every once in a while, and we would drive clear out in the middle of nowhere and go fishing.  I was in grade school when we started doing this. We would each head a different way down the stream and meet up a couple hours later, fry the fish over an open fire with potatoes and onions and a can of beans.  He would even share a beer with me.  I remember feeling like the most important person in the world!

I think back then, my Dad just wanted to take me fishing.  He probably has no idea how it shaped my life.  I still love to go fishing with my Dad, even though he teases me about how I am out of practice.

I think Emma needs a little fishing therapy, and thanks to my Dad, I am fully qualified!